Ways to Avoid Loneliness During Social Distancing

Rachel Swearingen

If you’re working from home right now like I am with limited interaction, then you may be feeling the pull to reach out to others. It may seem tough to avoid loneliness while we’re doing our part to avoid others and stop the spread of COVID-19, but there are ways to avoid feeling lonely right now by virtually interacting with friends, coworkers, family, and others. 

1. Plan a Video Chat or Game Night with Friends & Family

Missing your friends and family members right now? A great way to alleviate those feelings is to plan a video chat. You can see them, talk to them, and maybe even watch a movie or TV show together. The other night, my friends and I had a happy hour over Facebook Messenger. We got a chance to talk, played with goofy filters, and for a bit, it felt like we could ignore the seriousness of the reality around us. If you have kids, organize the same type of video chat for them so they can hang out with their friends.

For more ideas, you can also plan a virtual game night. There are popular games like The Jackbox Party Pack series that you can download and invite others to the live stream so they can join using their phones. At Lunchpool, we recently hosted an online bar trivia event where people got to organize teams and hang out in our virtual event space, with proceeds going to help fight COVID-19. 

2. Hold a Virtual Strategy Session with Coworkers

Business may be slow right now, but eventually, we’re all going to come out of this stronger and better than ever. Use this time to plan out some strategies for post-COVID-19 with your coworkers and to get excited about the directions your company can take after this outbreak. Having something to be excited about and planning for the future helps achieve some sense of normalcy. 

A virtual meeting or lunch break also gives you the chance to get some face time with the people you’re used to seeing every day, breaking up the feeling of being alone.

3. Attend an Online Networking Session or Virtual Event

As the event space begins to shift to online, there are several networking opportunities you can still capitalize on right now. Companies and professional organizations alike are moving their prior scheduled events to online hosting platforms. Use these events to your advantage–you may be able to form a connection that leads to a new job or new freelance opportunity.

It’s easy to feel lonely right now, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Connect with us to see how we can help you connect with others!

At Lunchpool, we’re in the business of helping others to forge authentic connections, even during the COVID-19 outbreak. Don’t let loneliness overtake you while you’re social distancing, because there are still plenty of ways to connect. We know it’s easy to feel lonely, but we’re here to help! Contact our team to learn how we can help you host an amazing virtual event with a personal touch.

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