Don’t let coronavirus restrictions stop you from connecting, introducing Lunchpool Virtual Events

Alex Abell

We are extending our event virtualization services to in-person event organizers so they can save their events during the current panic.

Conference and event organizers are facing huge challenges

The current health crisis presents new challenges for in-person event organizers. Huge conferences like SXSW have been canceled.

Long-planned chamber events and developer meet-ups are being postponed or removed from the calendar altogether. It’s a huge economic pain point right now and for the foreseeable future.

Our virtual lunch break back in January had an exceptional turnout, and people are still reaching out to us asking about the next one. In the past couple of weeks, we have also received an astonishing number of messages from event organizers inquiring how we might help virtualize their events. 

Virtual events offer a new way to connect safely

We launched our “Break Tampa Bay” virtual lunch break event because we saw an opportunity to help the people in our communities connect despite geographical boundaries.

It’s hard to make it out to a networking event when you have a bridge to cross or traffic to fight. The event was hugely popular in the region. It was featured in the Tampa Bay Business Journal and St. Pete Catalyst publications and St. Pete Major, Rick Krisemen, dubbed January 7, “Break Tampa Bay Day”.

With the current health concerns presenting new challenges for community organizers, we see an opportunity to help people connect at a time when many people are hesitant to congregate in groups or even leave the house.

Saving events from cancellation or postponement

Lunchpool was designed to relieve a pain point – the feelings of isolation and disconnectedness that are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s digital age. 

As we integrate virtual events like “Break Tampa Bay” into our existing offerings, we are expanding our network and working with area organizers in Orlando and Tampa Bay to help “virtualize” their in-person events amidst the Coronavirus panic. We’d like to extend that to Knoxville and other areas as well. 

As a new resident to Tennessee, my co-founder, Pooja, having recently relocated to Orlando, and our home base being Tampa Bay, we are well-positioned to be able to execute in those locations. 

Upcoming Lunchpool Virtual Events

We’re currently in talks with a prominent government organization in Florida to explore how we can virtualize their tech hire job fair event using our platform. They had invested over $150,000 into their in-person event for the hotel alone. With our virtualization services, we are able to offer a “virtual conference hall” for much, much (seriously, much) less. 

Additionally, we’re co-hosting virtual events later this month with organizations like Self-Made Sisterhood (Formerly Startup Sisters) and Masterminds Tampa. We’re also finalizing the date for our next “Break Tampa Bay” event as we speak – hoping for early April.

 An invitation to event organizers

We’d love to invite any organizations that would like a peek at the platform to see how they might be able to utilize it to help virtualize their own in-person events. We feel like it’s especially relevant at a time when people are being encouraged to refrain from congregating in groups. If you’re interested, email me at [email protected].

If anyone would like to sponsor an upcoming Lunchpool virtual event, we’ve added that functionality into the platform. Doing so also helps us quickly virtualize events that may already have sponsorships.

It’s more important than ever that we don’t let things come to a screeching halt. We have a huge opportunity to explore technologies that will bring us together like never before. The human connections and relationships we can build are ultimately what will pull us through.

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